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Fiction 6 to 9

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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 1570
R 1413Jy spaar R 157
My Second Reading Library consists of 50 books which are in different levels.
- The first 14 books are taken from Usborne First Reading Level Three.
- These stories, including many classics tales, are designed to boost developing readers' confidence.
- The next 16 books are taken from Usborne First Reading Level Four.
- These slightly longer stories help to increase readers' stamina in a range of story styles.
- 20 further books are taken from Usborne Young Reading Series One.
- Each of these books contains several lively short stories, or one longer story in easy-to-read chapters.

Titles in this collection are:
​The Runwaway Princess
Sleeping Beauty
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Hansel and Gretel
The Frog Prince
Puss in Boots
The Nutcracker
The Little Mermaid
The Princess and the Pea
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Aladdin and His Magical Lamp
The Monkey King
The Wooden Horse
Saint George and the Dragon
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Dick Whittington
Princess Polly and the Pony
The Owl and the Pussycat
Baba Yaga the Flying Witch
The Hare and the Tortoise
Androcles and the Lion
The Emperor and the Nightingale
The Inch Prince
The Reluctant Dragon
Little Red Riding Hood
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
The Ugly Duckling
The Runaway Pancake
The Golden Carpet
The Tin Soldier
The Leopard and the Sky God
The Little Red Hen
The Gingerbread Man
The Magic Porridge Pot
The Three Little Pigs
The Enormous Turnip
The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar
The Magic Pear Tree
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
The Mouse's Wedding
The Musicians of Bremen
Chicken Licken
The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs
The King's Pudding
Publikasiedatum: 2020-03-26
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 1570
R 1413Jy spaar R 157
Perfect for sharing at bedtime and also a great way for children to get togrips with reading themselves as they embark on their own personal readingjourney, this massive 50-book collection will quickly become a favourite.

With gorgeous illustrations and easy-to-follow stories, the books willallow children to gradually take over a greater share of the reading,building their confidence all the time. The stories cover wishes, magicand animals and are sure to be returned to again and again.

Of the books featured in this collection 22 are from the Usborne VeryFirst Reading range - written specifically for shared reading, while 12are from Level One and 16 from Level Two - which are designed for thelittle one to take over a greater share of the story.

Slipcase not included.

Titles in this collection:

There Was a Crocked Man
The Three Wishes
The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
The Tortoise and the Eagle
The Lion and the Mouse
King Midas and the Gold
The Magic Melon
Little Miss Muffet
How Bear Lost his Tail
The Rabbit's Tale
The Greedy Dog
The Daydreamer
Bad Jack Fox
A Fright in the Night
The Deep Dark Woods
The Dragon and the Phoenix
Clever Rabbit and the Lion
King Donkey Ears
Old MacDonald had a Farm
How Elephants Lost Their Wings
Old Mother Hubbard
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
The Genie in the Bottle
The Ant and the Grasshopper
Anansi and the Bag of Wisdom
The Perfect Pet
Captain Mac
Double Trouble
Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester
The Wish Fish
Mr Mystery
The Monster Diner
Knight Fight
The Circus under the Sea
Wild School
Late Night at the Zoo
Run, Rabbit, Run!
The Sun and the Wind
The Fox and the Stork
The Magic Ring
Grizzly Bear Rock
A Bus For Miss Moss
Dog Diary
The Queen Makes a Scene
The Dressing-Up Box
Stop that Cow!
Pirate Pat
Moon Zoom
The Clever Rabbit and the Wolves
The Fox and the Crow
Publikasiedatum: 2014-03-01
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 635
R 572Jy spaar R 63
The Dr. Seuss's Seusscase contains the following classic titles:
The Cat in the Hat
Green Eggs and Ham
Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Fox in Socks
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
There's a Wocket in My Pocket
I Wish that I Had Duck Feet
Dr Seuss's ABC
The Sneetches
The Lorax
Publikasiedatum: 2012-08-15
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 490
Publikasiedatum: 2018-10-16
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 410
R 369Jy spaar R 41
'What I love most in the world are my books.' - Belle. Enter the magical world of the Disney Princesses with this classic storybook collection. With 12 tales to enjoy, share in the adventure and experience an enchanting story time..
Publikasiedatum: 2020-01-07
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 399
R 359Jy spaar R 40
Four Hilarious Novels of Heart, Humour and Wishes Gone Wrong.

Barry said, a third time, 'I wish I had better parents!' And then suddenly the entire room started to shake...

...there is a world, not far from this one, where parents don't have children. In this world, children are allowed to choose their parents. For Barry Bennett this world seems like a dream come true. Only things turn out to be not quite that simple...

Fred and Ellie are twins. Not identical but they do like all the same things, especially video games.

When they meet the Mystery Man, who sends them a very special video game controller it seems to be the answer to all their problems and the key to all their wildest dreams...

Malcolm doesn't like animals. Which is a problem because his family love them. Their house is full of pets. What the house is NOT full of is stuff Malcolm likes. Such as the laptop he wanted for his birthday.

The only bright spot on the horizon is the school trip, so he finds himself on the bus, heading to... oh no. A farm!

Over the next days, Malcolm changes. He learns a lot about animals and what it's really like to be an animal. It does make him think differently. And speak differently. And eat differently. And, um, smell differently. But will he end up the same as before?

What if it was every day?

This is the story of Sam Green, who really, really, really loves birthdays. He loves the special breakfasts in bed. The presents. The themed parties. Blowing out the candles on his cake. Everything.

He is so excited about his 11th birthday, in fact, that he wishes it was his birthday every day. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for...
Publikasiedatum: 2019-06-07
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 399
R 359Jy spaar R 40
A collection of enchanting and emotional stories.

A novel of heart and courage inspired by the incredible story of a real-life princess and the foal she loves.

A frozen palace and a sparkling secret - an epic Russian adventure awaits!

A dramatic and emotional story about one girl's determination to stand by her beloved animals - and her refusal to give up, even in the face of impossible odds.

Two girls divided by time, united by their love for some very special horses - an epic Caribbean adventure!
Publikasiedatum: 2018-05-17
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 320
Publikasiedatum: 2019-09-18
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 320
Publikasiedatum: 2016-06-30
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Illustreerder: Linki Lutz
Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 280
R 252Jy spaar R 28
Relive old favourites from the Marula tree Every evening at sunset the troop of baboons climb to the top of the big Marula tree. It is their favourite tree to sleep in. They clamber around looking for a comfortable spot. It takes a while for everyone to settle down, but eventually even Aunt Mangy has found the perfect branch for her tired body. All is quiet. The baboons are waiting for the evening star to appear. Who will be the first to see the star tonight? 'There it is!' cries one of the little ones. As soon as the star has appeared, a little voice begs: 'Please tell us a story!' 'Yes, a story, a story!' it echoes in the branches. An omnibus with fifteen highly original and entertaining animal stories. This re-release of Leon de Villiers' original animal stories was illustrated by talented artist Linki Lutz.
Publikasiedatum: 2020-03-05
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 275
R 248Jy spaar R 27
This is a wonderful collection of stories from the famous collectors of fairytales, 'The Brothers Grimm'. Stories include: 'The Frog Prince', 'Rapunzel', 'Hansel and Gretel', 'Little Red Riding Hood', 'The Bremen Town Musicians', 'Tom Thumb', 'The Elves and the Shoemaker', 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves', 'Rumpelstiltskin', 'The Goose Girl', 'The Bear and the Wren', 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' and 'Snow White and Rose Red'. It also includes a short biography of the brothers themselves.
Publikasiedatum: 2014-04-11
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 270
Publikasiedatum: 2019-10-16
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 260
R 234Jy spaar R 26
Mira cannot wait to start Unicorn School! (Her big sister goes and won't stop going on about it).

But when Mira arrives on her first day all the unicorns are gone . . . except Dave!

Dave isn't quite the sparkly magical unicorn Mira was expecting to find at the end of the rainbow...

Delve into this stunning book collection of The Naughtiest Unicorn!

Included in this title:
• The Naughtiest Unicorn
• The Naughtiest Unicorn - At Sports Day
• The Naughtiest Unicorn - At the School Disco
• The Naughtiest Unicorn - At Christmas
Publikasiedatum: 2020-02-26
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 255
Publikasiedatum: 2016-08-01
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Children: Fiction 6 to 9

Children  -  Fiction 6 to 9
R 250
R 225Jy spaar R 25
Discover the magical world of The Magic Faraway Tree in this beautiful paperback gift edition of The Enchanted Wood. The first book in the series and where Enid Blyton's classic adventure begins! With stunning full-colour artwork from illustrator, Mark Beech. The perfect gift for any child.
When Joe, Beth and Frannie move to the countryside, they discover that their new house lies next to the Enchanted Wood! And in that wood, lives the Magic Faraway Tree. This is no ordinary tree - it is home to magical lands full of elves, pixies, talking creatures and more wonderful adventures than the children ever imagined possible! They make new friends, whoosh down the amazing slippery-slip and even enjoy a fancy-dress feast in the Land Of Birthdays! Who knows what they will discover next?

Join the children and their new friends Moon-Face, Saucepan Man and Silky the Fairy as they explore this most magical of all fairytale worlds.

Children of 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old, 8 years old - or any age you can think of - will treasure this bookshelf must-have and wonderful Enid Blyton gift!
Publikasiedatum: 2020-05-04

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