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Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction: Populêre Sielkunde / Popular Psychology

Nie-fiksie / Non-fiction  -  Populêre Sielkunde / Popular Psychology
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This book is, in many ways, a continuation of research on applied creativity by the authors. Am I clever or am I stupid was an international bestseller, as were Creativity Uncovered and The Ordinary Millionaire. What became apparent after my seven years of research on the potential of young children was that children in the age range 0-3 demonstrate, what we would call in this book, 'rich brain' qualities.

Often because of 'poor brain' parenting and education, children grow up believing that a rich brain life is just for a selected few. They start negating and dis-affirming their natural traits like creativity, passion, courage, and energy and follow common and traditional
pathways for which they are most rewarded. They are guided to think and making choices that preserve rather than enhance and enrich. We know, and what our research has proven time after time, is that children and adults of all ages and cultures do not lose their
ability to make 'rich brain' choices. These choices can be learned and taught.
In this book, we look at rich and poor brain choices when it comes to our finances. The authors unpack the typical 'poor brain' choices and then illustrate how you can change this disabling habit of choosing 'poor' when you do have the ability to choose 'rich'.
The poor brain choices within each dimension of the brain are identified
- these are the choices that shape and form our fixed mindset and beliefs. But we all have other rich brain options, and these options are clearly illustrated and unpacked.
Publikasiedatum: 2021-10-13

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