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Education: Grade 12

Education  -  Grade 12
R 239
This book, structured according to the CAPS curriculum, covers the following 4 skills:

Listening and Speaking
Reading and Viewing
Writing and Presenting
Language Structures and Conventions.
It offers:

Comprehensive Notes on each of these 4 skills
Exercises with answers on each of the skills
Sample Paper 1's and Memos (DBE and IEB)
The book caters for learners writing both the DBE (National) exams and the IEB exams, and offers an original DBE-style Paper 1 and an original IEB-style Paper I.

The notes and exercises are very comprehensive, focusing on one thing at a time so that learners consciously engage with specific aspects of the English language.

Examples are given for the written texts that a learner might have to produce in an exam, as well as many of the spoken texts that will be assessed. Specific attention is given to the use of PowerPoint slides in formal speeches.

A colour CD with PowerPoint slides on the prepared speech and visual literacy is available to teachers using this book in the classroom.

Teachers who choose this book might also find it beneficial to start using it with their Grade 11s.
Publikasiedatum: 2017-01-01

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